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  EditorEnhancement  //  Source Text Collapsing

The Source Text Collapsing is the last but not least functions of EditorEnhancement. It allows viewing and browsing of a file in what is referred to as "collapsed mode", i.e. when only those lines of the file, which have non-blank symbol in the very first position are shown.

To activate the collapsed mode, simply press the Collapsed Mode button on the EditorEnhancement toolbar.

The picture shows some fragment of the source text.

Here is the same text in Collapsed Mode.

In collapsed mode you can navigate through a file as usual. Pressing the ENTER key cancels the collapsed mode and sets current position to the line that was current in collapsed mode. If you press the ESC then the collapsed mode will be also cancelled and the position of the cursor will be restored.

The Source Text Collapsing options setup allows you to specify its default settings or even completely disable this feature.

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