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  EditorEnhancement  //  Enhanced Windows List

Ever got frustrated with unpredictable behavior of standard Visual Studio "Windows" dialog box? Enhanced Window List unobtrusively replaces standard "Windows" dialog and provides extended functionality.

Its features include (see picture above):

  • Windows list may be sorted by document name, path, type and status.
  • Windows may be filtered by document type. For example, you can select to include into list only windows with *.C;*.CPP;*.CXX or *.TLI document.
  • If check-box "Projects documents only" is checked then windows list contains only those documents, which belong to the active project.
  • If check-box "All projects documents" is checked then all documents belonging to the active project are included in the list. Thus this feature may be convenient replacement for OpenFile dialog.
  • Documents belonging to the active project are marked by icon or in the Status (S) column.
  • Document path is always shown.
  • Size of the dialog window may be changed.
  • Current settings (types of windows to be included into list, sorting criteria, width of columns, sizes and position of the window, state of both check-boxes) are saved and restored while dialog initialization.
  • This dialog is actual replacement for standard dialog. You need not assign special key or toolbar button to invoke it. It will be always shown instead of standard dialog in spite of way it is invoked.

The Enhanced Windows List options setup allows you to specify its' settings or even completely disable this feature.

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