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The Inpek 7th world EditorEnhancement is an add-in for Microsoft Visual C++. It adds a number of useful utilities and enhancements to Visual Studio IDE, which in turn will help you, as a programmer, to simplify the whole process of writing code. As creators of this add-in, and programmers just like you, we know from our own experience that some additional quality features could make a programmer's life much easier.

We had originally developed this add-in for our own needs, thoroughly examining each component for usefulness and convenience in everyday life. We find this add-in extremely helpful for us and hope it will be just as useful for you.

The current version (2.22) of the add-in includes the following features:

  • AutoTyping for automatic statements completion and formatting;
  • Parenthesis Contents shows paired parenthesis as you type;
  • Custom Caret allows assigning different shape and color of the caret (text cursor) for "insert" and "overtype" modes;
  • Files Comparison makes it possible to compare files right in Visual Studio environment;
  • Source Text Collapsing presents source text in "collapsed" mode for fast navigation and searching;
  • Enhanced Windows List completely revamps the Window List dialog to include sorting and filtering.

Read more about each feature in the corresponding section of this on-line manual.

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