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  EditorEnhancement  //  Setup and Configure

The Setup program of the EditorEnhancement copies all files of the add-in into the specified directory (C:\Program Files\Inpek 7th World\EditorEnhancement by default); writes relevant records into the Windows Registry Database and automatically activates the add-in at next start of the Microsoft Developer Studio.

If activation failed due to some reason, you can also do it manually. Manual re-activation of the add-in may be required after re-installation of the Microsoft Developer Studio. Activation of the add-in consists of the following simple steps.

First step. Start Microsoft Developer Studio and select menu item Tools|Customize.

Second step. Switch to tab [Add-ins and Macro Files] of the Customize dialog.

Third step. Click on the check box [I7W Editor Enhancement Developer Studio...] to enable this add-in. Close the Customize dialog by pressing the Close button.

The EditorEnhancement toolbar with four buttons must appear.

You use this toolbar to access the EditorEnhancement add-in configuration options ; to view current file in collapsed mode ; to compare two files ; or to read the EditorEnhancement online help . Find out more about these features in the correponding sections of this manual.

EditorEnhancement is Shareware -- not free. You may use this software without registration during a limited period of time. If you bought this product then you should enter your name and registration code that has been emailed to you to unlock the software.

To enter user name and registration code press the button on the EditorEnhancement toolbar (Developer Studio must be running of course!). Select tab Register on the EditorEnhancement Settings dialog.

Type the registration code and user name you received by email into the corresponding edit boxes. Then press the button. DO NOT FORGET TO PRESS THE REGISTER BUTTON! Otherwise the registration process will not be completed!

When you enter the registration code and user name and press the Register button, you will see confirmation text like shown on the picture. Please be careful and exact while entering the codes! Actual verification of the registration code and user name will be performed later. So you will not be informed immediately if there are mistake(s).

Now you can close this dialog box and restart Developer Studio to complete the registartion process.

If you decided to uninstall EditorEnhancement, simply use the common Windows' procedure: open Control Panel; start Add/Remove Programs applet; browse for Inpek 7th world EditorEnhancement Add-in and press button Remove.

An alternative way to uninstall EditorEnhancement is via the Start menu. Select items:
        Inpek 7th world|
            EditorEnhancement Add-in|
                Uninstall EditorEnhancement

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