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  EditorEnhancement  //  History

Version 2.22 /December 25 2003/

  • Add-in registration bug fixed.

Version 2.21 /November 10 2001/

  • Complete customization of the AutoTyping.
  • Support for all European locales added.
  • Save file in collapsed mode works properly now.

Version 2.10 /May 5 2001/

  • Enhanced Windows List is now integrated into the add-in.
  • Dialog window for selecting files to be compared was redesigned. It now allows selecting not opened files. Opened files sorting and filtering added.
  • List of available statements for AutoTyping was extended by try/catch and TRY/CATCH/END_CATCH clauses.
  • Support for German version of the Developer Studio added.
  • Bug "impossibility to type closing parenthesis in some dialog and debug windows" fixed.
  • Trial period is extended up to 30 days.

Version 2.02 /December 24 2000/ First public release.

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